Health & Disease

The State of Health Today

Everyone wants to live a healthy life and most people are conscious of, and active in, trying to maintain good health. We all know to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, maintain good hygiene, and have regular check-ups with our GP. If we're sick, we're given painkillers, anti-inflammatories, steroids or anti-biotics to take until the headache has gone, the flareup has reduced or the inflammation has subsided. But increasingly the medication is not working, or there are too many side effects, or patients are being turned away with no answers, or are given a label under an umbrella term of which there is no known cause or treatment.

As spending on healthcare increases in the UK, we need to question why our health is rapidly declining. A quick look at statistics shows that far from getting healthier, we are, in fact, sicker now than ever before and the projections to 2025 and beyond shows no sign of slowing down.

'Homeopathy Looks at the Horrors of Allopathy'

by Alexander Beideman (1857)

There has been an increase in mental health disorders, degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, and allergies, which we are told are attributed to an ageing population, overactive immune systems and immune systems attacking themselves! Comorbidity and multimorbidity are becoming the norm, and with supposedly life-long conditions with no known cure, symptoms are only palliated with conventional polypharmacy. This type of prescribing is dangerous (as drug interactions are not known), and never aim to restore the patient's health - only palliate the symptoms. Conventional medicine is unsustainable and ineffective, and conventional healthcare systems are inadequate for the future health needs of the population.

Conventional medicine as we know it today is relatively new, emerging around the time of the industrial revolution as science developed. But what if the science is wrong? What if the science has led us down the wrong path? It is entirely possible - everyday we see 'the science' changing. One day women are told to avoid eating peanuts during pregnancy, the next day they are told they should not avoid peanuts during pregnancy! But it is not only the science - advertisers and salesmen are equally as responsible for selling us bad health - remember when smoking was good for you and your baby?! Much good has come out of technological advancements and scientific discoveries for health - for example, the ability to scan and monitor our health, and detect predispositions to conditions so preventative measures can be taken. But politics and capitalist greed has driven conventional medicine, food, farming practices and manufacturing down a treacherous road. The explosion of disease in the early 21st century can be directly attributed to bad medicine and reckless environmental action. Conventional medicine has masked the symptoms and the combination of factors exacerbated the problems by destroying our immune and endocrine systems - our means of maintaining health. Now, the body is at tipping point and with no answers, conventional medicine washes its hands of the patients who are left with no alternatives.

Humanity has a toxic relationship with Mother Earth and we will continue to face problems for the foreseeable future until we form a new relationship. A revolution is needed - a return to good food and farming methods that work with nature, not against it, production of consumer products that do not pollute the air, water and soil that we need to nourish us, and with a clean, pure and gentle healthcare system that addresses multimorbidity at once with no toxic side effects. Now, we must take responsibility for our own health and recognise that maybe everything we were told might not have been correct, or in our best interests.

But patients should not despair and lose hope as there are alternatives which are older, purer and safer than conventional medicine but which were, for political and greed reasons, unjustly relegated to the side line. Alternative theories align much more wholesomely with the laws of nature, unfortunately these theories were cast aside to the detriment of health. The energetic model of health goes back to at least 3000 BC and works in conjunction with the laws of nature to optimise health. Homeopathy is an excellent example: it is a proven, safe and effective way to manage health, as well as being cost-effective and sustainable. For the patient, homeopathy is win-win. For the greedy pharmaceutical companies, salesmen, and legal drug-pushers whose motive is purely the accumulation of more money - it's lose-lose. It's no wonder then, that the most established and proven health models in humanity have been slandered by propaganda, keeping the majority of people blind to the benefits, and subservient to the money-making models of health. Homeopathy has the potential to revolutionise our health as it addresses mental, emotional, and physical aspects of the individual at once. It is clean, environmentally friendly medicine, easy to produce and administer, with no risk of overdosing. Homeopathy can bring an end to the pain and suffering people are experiencing and can help to restore vitality and energy once again.